Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Escape to Alcatraz Sailing Adventure

On any given weekend sailboats, catamarans and ferries race back and forth across San Francisco Bay.  Clear skies, calm moderate breezes in some places around the bay, working up to those strong wild winds coming through the Golden Gate provide spectacular sailing conditions for all. It was something I always dreamed about doing. When sail boating friends offered my wife and I, a day on the bay we climbed aboard with excitement.
 San Francisco Bay surrounded by both the picturesque landscape and  the city's skyline is a sailor's paradise. Angel Island, Mount Tamalpais and infamous "Rock" of Alcatraz were the backdrop to our sailing adventure. Stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the new Bay Bridge will amazed any sightseers, but seeing them from water was extraordinary treat.
 We started our voyage on Treasure Island. We rounded the island, before heading due west to Alcatraz. After a time of bouncing in the waves, we turned south to enjoy the city's waterfront and skyline.