Sunday, July 20, 2014

Training, Loading & Racing for Eppie's Great Race.

Eppie's Pre-Race Kayak Clinics

Current Adventures Kayak School, in conjunction with Eppie's Great Race and the The River City Paddlers, sponsored paddling instruction clinics for several weeks to get paddlers ready for the Eppie G Johnson Memorial Pre-Race and Eppie's Great Race.
 Kayak instructors and top competitors from the local kayak racing scene provide inside tips and insight into the techniques and strategies that can help the paddlers be more effective and safe during Eppie’s Great Race.

Like in the scene from the movie Braveheart,  Dan Crandall of Current Adventures inspires the paddlers.


San Juan Rapids
The Eppie Johnson Memorial Canoe & Kayak Race
 Paddlers were invited to join the flotilla of kayaks floating down the American River in honor of Eppie Johnson, the originator of Eppie's Great Race, who passed away in September.  There were
snacks, awards and great prizes for all paddlers after the race at River Bend Park.

Folks toss flowers into the American River in remembrance of Johnson.
 John Weed escorts Eppies' kayak down the river.
Weed and Crandall at the after race celebration.
Going down the river with a Current Adventures training session.
Sunset on the American River.

Kayak heaven. Kayaks being prepared for the racers.

Getting the boats ready for the race.

Eppie's Great Race Day"The Great Race" is an annual triathlon that includes running, biking, and paddling. On race day, boats are unloaded and place on both sides of the Jim Jones Bridge for the paddling part of the triathlon. Current Adventures had over 90 kayaks rented out for the race.


Ready to race.

Kayaks on the American River Parkway
Finish line at River Bend Park