Thursday, February 27, 2014

Late Afternoon on Folsom Lake

 Folsom Lake seemed to have become ground zero for this year's California drought media coverage.  The state recreation area's dwindling water way near Granite Bay, has capture the attention of helicopters, camera crews and reporters everywhere.  It is impossible to watch the local television news with out seeing a picture of the diminishing lake.
 The shoreline offers a dramatic view of the state's dry spell. Parched and exposed, the lake bed looks  more like the moon.  Boat ramps no longer reach the water, historic remnants, once covered by the lake, have appeared and mesmerizing rock formations surge out of the greenish deep.
 Boaters, fisherman and kayakers are unfazed by the shrinking lake. It still is a great place for a late afternoon on the lake.
Sunset on the lake.