Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daffodil Hill

 Daffodil Hill is a multi-generational project dating back to a family's original flower garden, planted in the late 1800s.  It has become a popular tourist destination now near Volcano, California,  attracting thousands of people every spring to come see the golden blooms.
 The original property owner planted daffodils around his cabin. The flowers were a good choice because they were left untouched by the deer and the gophers.  In 1887, the McLaughlin family purchased the ranch and under their care the daffodil garden flourished. Each year they divided and replanted the bulbs increasing the size of their garden. As the flowers grew, so did the interest. Each year more and more people came to visit. Before long their ranch became know as Daffodil Hill.
 Each year from mid March to mid April the hillside is open to the public. Seven acres are dedicated to only daffodils. As many as 300 different varieties speckle the knoll to give an abundance of over 40,000 annual blooms each spring. Every year between 8 and 1600 new bulbs new are planted. It mainly daffodils, but now tulips are mixed in here and there. Visitors wander the planted hillside free of charge to gaze at the yellow and white blooms. They have some 4,000 guests on some weekend days.