Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunset on Folsom Lake

Bayside Adventure Sports Erik Allen leader of the Tuesday evening Activities

It is said, "The best reason to own a kayak, is for the sunrises and the sunsets."

  It's an evening I have always wished for. Pleasant temperatures, no wind, flat water and the sun gently settle into a hazy sky.  The water couldn't be more inviting for me and my fellow boaters. The kayaks are quickly unloaded and slipped into the water. Our leader gives a prayer of thanks. Amen, it is a perfect evening for kayaking.

 Today I'm with members of Bayside Adventure Sports, an active outdoors church group.  Transformation through recreation in God's creation is the guiding ideal for participants. The group organizes weekly biking, hiking, skiing, and kayaking outings, along with camping and ski trips throughout the year.

 We launch out of Granite Bay boat ramp of Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. The lake seems to be making a come back now after a very dry winter. The lake was ground zero for California drought's media coverage this past winter, but now is on a slow rise. According to the lady at the gate, the lake is at 50 percent capacity with room for more.

  The lake is motionless. The reflection creates mirror images of us gliding across the water.  Our  bows and paddles splinter the surface of the water producing it's only wrinkle. Occasionally we rock in the waves of passing motor boats, but it's mostly stillness. Before long, the sky burns orange while the water turns golden. It is a timeless experience. The sun doesn't seem to hurry and neither do we.

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