Friday, July 21, 2017


 "Every stroke, every few strokes, at least, think about opening those top hand fingers. If your just clenching down you are going to get tired in a hurry. Your whole body is going to tense up. It's not going to as fun and your'e not going to be as fast. You're going to be a lot faster. If you have a lot better technique. Its going to be a lot easier on your for that last part of the race." --- Dan Crandall 

Training night
For the past month Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips was conducting  intensive kayak workouts for racers building up to last weekend's Eppie’s Great Race.  It's the final leg of Sacramento's annual race. Iron men, women and teams will transfer from bicycles to kayaks and canoes at the Jim Jones Bridge and paddle the rest of the 6.35-mile stretch along the scenic American River Parkway to concluded  this weekend. Known as “The World’s Oldest Triathlon” the race is one of the largest paddling event in the United States.

River lines from Dan Crandall
Founded in 1974, the race features a 5.82-mile run, a 12.5-mile bike and paddle on the lower American River from the Sunrise Access to River Bend Park. Filled with all its ripples, eddies and one rapid requiring whitewater skills the paddling portion of the annual race is for most the exciting and challenging part of the race. While most participants come with running and biking skills many of them have never paddled the river. The Current Adventures instructors helped those paddlers with fundamentals of paddling and river reading that will came  in handy on race day.

Running San Juan Rapids
Here is a look back of at some of the highlights of race day and those training sessions on the river.

Pre-Race Clinic

Race Day

Race Day

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