Tuesday, March 11, 2014

On the Parkway with the Paddle Pushers

On the American River Parkway with the Sacramento Paddle Pushers.

 Most of the 23 miles of the American River Parkway meanders through the urban part of Sacramento in slow motion.  The recreation river has few ripples in places, but mostly it's a slow easy ride all the way down to the Sacramento River. Paddlers will have little trouble going against the current from confluence of the rivers up to the I-80 bridge. There are two access points for boat launching.  Tiscornia Park is just to the south of Discovery Park. It offers a small craft access underneath the Jibboom Street bridge that link the parks. Discovery Park offers one for the larger pleasure boats.  From there up stream the slow moving river offers a view several bridges to mark the progress of your trip.

 It is definitely an urban paddle. In some spots downtown skyscrapers can be seen.  Homeless camp on the banks and boats zoom by on way to a fishing spot. However, the river corridor still offers great views of birds and other wildlife. Turtles can be seen sunning themselves on logs along the river, while a number of herons nest in the trees. River otters and beaver can also be spotted along the way. This makes the parkway a great place for a weekend paddle.

 The Sacramento Paddle Pushers an online meet up group, embarked on the river this past weekend.  Over 20 some paddlers were enchanted by the river's natural surroundings and history during their outing. The group's organizer Lynn Halstead, wanted get more people out kayaking together. She began the group in October of 2010.  It now boast about 500 online members. Since, Halstead has hosted numerous paddling, biking and hiking activities. She also plans the outings months ahead in some cases.
"I just wanted to start my own group and it keep getting better." said Halstead, "It is only amazing because of all people I have come out. Just meeting all the wonderful paddlers."

 The Paddle Pushers paddle up stream from the Jibboom Street launch.  They traveled about 4 miles before stopping for a lunch break. After lunch the group returned in a relaxed fashion going down stream.

The trip on the American River Parkway.